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Buddha.2be.net is a friendly group of Buddhist who love what they do and aren't afraid to share their knowledge and quirky sense of humor. We call on using the wisdom from all Buddhist schools and traditions in a more creative, tolerant and inclusive way, preserving the authentic teachings from each Buddha's lineage, for adaptations to fit with the modern world. This site is not operated by, or affiliated with any official organization. We're originally a small Buddhist group from Facebook who built this website for fun, connecting Buddhist friends and sharing the precious Dharma of what our master taught.

(Spritual Advisor)
45th Lineage Holder of Linji Chan Dharma, had been the dean of Fo Guang Shan Buddhist College for 15+ years. At present, Ven. Hueiguang is the abbot of International Buddhist Sangha temple in Taiwan and the president of the IBS non-profit association in the United States, also serving as the guiding master of the Bodhisattva Dharma Pitaka Association.

(Spritual Advisor)

(Project Manager)
A freelance programmer with 18+ years experience, expert in deploying the latest technology for website applications and online database, had built application that manage million dollar of funds. He is offering services to build website for any Buddhist organization. Email tech@kulai.info for details.

Expert in search engine optimization, web hosting and graphic design, also works in motion picture production, video editing and DVD production.

(Software Engineer)
Bachelor of Computer Science (Graphics and Multimedia Software) from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, he is also an expert martial artist, a trainer for the Malaysia Taekwondo Federation.

(System Engineer)
Expert in hardware installation, troubleshooting and repair.

(Group's Admin)

(Group's Admin)

(Group's Admin)

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